Around 1850, Christoph Wanger, Liechtenstein’s member in the first Germany-wide parliament in Frankfurt’s St. Paul’s Church, came back to Liechtenstein and opened up an office for “an extensive range of services in the financial sector”. He offered legal consultancy and representation, took over property services, money lending and insurance-related services, for which he received a licence from the princely government in Vaduz.

In 1894 the business was passed on to Jakob Wanger and, following his death in 1912, on to Louis Seeger. His son, Erich Seeger joined the office in 1943 and became a lawyer and trustee. In 1990 and 1992 respectively, Erich’s son Wolfgang and daughter Marion Seeger followed in his footsteps and renamed the law firm and trust company Seeger & Seeger.

In 2002 Dr. Mario Frick joined the law firm which, separately from the trust company, has since then continued under the name of Seeger, Frick & Partner.